FBM Awards 2021

Les Lauréats

Outstanding Mentoring Award
Gérard Waeber
In recognition for his exceptional contribution to the training of young talents and for his commitment to the new generation of academics

Clinical Practice Award
Déla Golshayan
In recognition for her outstanding contribution to the improvements of the quality of patient care and medical practice

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
School of Biology

Jérôme Gouttenoire
For his substantial involvement in the Bachelor and Master programs of the School of Biology, in particular for his unfailing commitment in virology teaching

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
School of Medicine

Anatomy and Morphology Faculty Unit
Hugues Cadas, Michel Kielar, Julien Pierre Puyal, Sara Sabatasso, Sandor Kasas

For their creativity and commitment to consistently provide high quality anatomy and morphology practical classes during the past year despite the sanitary restrictions

Special Award for Outstanding Dedication in Practical Teaching
Assistants involved in practical and exercise teaching
For their precious help, support and assistance in practical work teaching during unprecedented and complicated pandemic-related conditions

Award for Outstanding Achievements in Doctoral Education
Christophe Dessimoz
For his extraordinary commitment to teaching as an SNSF Professor and his important contribution to the Doctoral Program in Quantitative Biology, promoting a spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration

Young Researcher in Basic Sciences Award
Javier Santos Moreno
For his work on CRISPR-based gene expression control for synthetic gene circuits

Jürg Tschopp Basic Life Sciences Award
Niko Geldner
For his outstanding work on the characterization of the functions and differentiation mechanisms of the endoderm and its Casparian strips

Lifetime Achievement Award
Ivan Stamenkovic
For his commitment and vision within our institution and for his outstanding contributions to medicine, immunology and cancer biology, and in particular for his major scientific advances in the field of sarcoma research

Equality award
Joëlle Schwarz
In recognition for her sustained contribution toward promoting gender equality


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