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Why join HEC Lausanne for your Bachelor's studies?

Today, more than ever, we have an essential role to play in meeting the challenges facing our society, whether in terms of sustainability, digitalization or diversity. At HEC Lausanne, we give you all the keys you need to help build a better future.

Teaching excellence based on cutting-edge research

Our faculty stands out for its high-level teaching, fueled by cutting-edge research. This provides a solid foundation for future careers, whether in the private or public sector, in business or academia.

The excellence of our teaching is recognized in rankings and rewarded by two EQUIS and AMBA accreditations. We are one of the world's leading management schools.

Deep roots in the business world

Our faculty has forged close relationships and developed numerous partnerships with the world of business, both in Switzerland and internationally. This interaction has an influence in the business sphere, as well as an impact on the development of our teaching.

By joining HEC Lausanne, students also benefit from our alumni network of over 14,000 members worldwide.

International experience

With over 160 academic partnerships around the world, come and gain experience in another country or continent thanks to our mobility programs and our QTEM program.

A Career Center to facilitate your job search

Our Faculty Career Center is the point of contact between students and companies. It will give you the opportunity to meet and talk directly with economic players, at numerous organized events. It will also help you find the right job for you. A platform is also available to put you in direct contact with companies.

An exciting student life

Student life at HEC Lausanne is particularly active. Join one of our many student associations to network with like-minded people, and be sure to take part in our festive events.

You'll also discover countless advantages: a campus in an exceptional setting on the shores of Lake Geneva, a wide range of sporting and cultural activities, proximity to the EPFL campus, easy access to the campus by public transport, and a stone's throw from Lausanne, a dynamic business city with access to both nature and culture.

Two Bachelor’s programs

Bachelor of Science in Management and

Bachelor of Science in Economics

HEC Lausanne offers you two bilingual Bachelor's degrees in French and English: the Bachelor of Science in Management and the Bachelor of Science in Economics. These two Bachelor's programs share the same core curriculum in the first two years, followed by a specialization in one of the two programs in the third year. Here's an overview of how the programs are structured:

Bachelor’s first year

From the very first week, you'll feel the pioneering spirit of HEC Lausanne. The Onboarding Days are two days of integration where we introduce you to our values and facilitate your integration into our community. During this first week, you'll also start your first cross-disciplinary course on sustainability, which will continue throughout the first year, in weeks 1 and 8 of each semester.

You'll be introduced to the quantitative foundations of management and economics through courses such as statistics and mathematics. Other courses, such as financial accounting, computer models, management and business ethics, and political economy, will take you right to the heart of what our degrees are all about.

In addition, during your first year, you will take a language course specially designed for HEC Lausanne students, "English for Communicating in Business and Economics", adapted to your level of proficiency. These courses are given in small groups and are designed to meet the specific language needs of HEC Lausanne students and develop effective communication skills.

Bachelor’s second year

The study of management and economics becomes more specialized. You'll broaden your knowledge of key business functions through the study of disciplines such as Marketing, Finance, Control, Information Systems, Operations and Supply Chain, as well as economics courses such as Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. In addition, you can deepen your analytical skills with courses such as Data Analytics, Econometrics, Management Science and Risk Management.

You'll also deepen your skills in communication, leadership and sustainability in cross-disciplinary, interactive year-long courses.

Bachelor's third year

In the final year of your Bachelor's degree, you'll focus on advanced theoretical and applied courses in economics or management, depending on your chosen field.

If you opt for the Bachelor's degree in Management, you'll take a number of optional courses related to this discipline in your second year. In addition, you can earn a certain number of credits by completing an internship, an individual project, language courses, or courses from the Bachelor’s in Economics and/or other faculties.

If you opt for the Bachelor's degree in Economics, you'll take core and optional courses in economics, finance and statistics. You can also earn a certain number of credits by completing an internship, an individual project or courses in management and/or from other faculties.

Exchange programs enable you to spend a semester or an academic year in Switzerland or abroad. To find out more: Exchange programs

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