Assistance and insurance while abroad


UNIL now offers travel insurance, as well as medical, security and logistical assistance worldwide, coordinated by International SOS (ISOS), to support students who travel abroad as part of their studies.

ISOS provides the following services:

  1. Preparation for travelling abroad: access to useful country information and recommendations (vaccinations, security, local situation, access to health care, etc.) on the ISOS website or by phone.
  2. Support during your stay: advice over the phone, coordination with your insurance company in case of cancellations, access to medical centres and advances on expenses, psychological support, danger warnings, support if your documents are lost or stolen, etc.
  3. Emergency medical or security assistance: medical evacuation, emergency repatriation, assistance with accommodation, medical follow-up in hospital, transport and legal procedures in case of death, etc.

Students have access to the following tools:

  • Credit-card style assistance card (print from the ISOS website and carry with you)
  • Web portal:
  • Smartphone app
  • Medical and/or security alerts
  • Access to your nearest assistance centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including phone contact with doctors and/or security experts in over 60 languages.

ISOS also provides UNIL students with round-the-clock information on the security situation, recommendations on topics such as needing a visa and other useful information about travelling to a country without risk, and keeping up to date with the latest news.


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International SOS
Geneva Assistance Centre
Route de Pré-Bois 17
1215 Geneva
Tel.: +41 22 785 6464

Why should I call ISOS ?


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Case flow example


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