Welcoming foreign colleagues under a bilateral agreement

Bilateral agreements provide financial support for teaching and research activities with universities all over the world according to the directive 2.4. about the financial participation in the framework of international agreements.

General agreements (which cover all of UNIL) are separate from faculty agreements (which are limited to a particular faculty).

Exchanges for teaching staff

Once the agreement has been signed, the International Relations Office can contribute to the costs of the exchange for teaching staff from the partner university, subject to the funds available.

The International Relations Office will fund a maximum of three trips per year for a general agreement (one per faculty) and one trip per year for a faculty agreement.

Financial support
  • Reimbursement of the hotel costs up to CHF 180 per night (breakfast included) for a maximum of seven nights;
  • Reimbursement of the flight (economy class) for teaching staff coming from a university located in a country eligible to receive official development assistance from OECD, in the categories Least Developed Countries, Other Low Income Countries, and Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories (list valid at the time when the trip is announced to the International Relations Office).

Before the exchange

  • Notify Marinette Robert at least one month before the trip. The International Relations Office will then confirm if and to what extent the stay can be supported. The International Relations Office does not reimburse travel or subsistence costs unless it has been notified in advance.

After the exchange

  • Return the reimbursement form in English or in French to the International Relations Office, completed and signed, along with the receipts. The reimbursement will take place once all the documents have been received.
  • Send to the IRO a brief activity report in English or in French, within 30 days after the end of the stay.


Ms Marinette Robert
Tel. +41 21 692 20 20

Preparing a bilateral agreement

The International Relations Office may contribute to the costs of a preparatory visit, subject to the funds available. The same conditions as those outlined above will apply.

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