How to register online and prepare your application

| Online application to a Master programme with a Bachelor issued by a Swiss university or a Swiss university of applied sciences (HES)

It is necessary to submit your application online and, according to the provided instructions, to send the documents either by post or by downloading them during the online registration.
Only complete applications submitted within the specified deadlines will be examined. If one or more of the documents referred to below are missing without justification, the application will not be considered.

Content of applications for admission to the Master's programme (If sent by post please do not staple the documents!)

- a signed copy of the confirmation of the online application sent to the candidate by e-mail immediately after applying online

- 1 passport format photograph

- a copy of the upper secondary school diploma, the university or HES diploma(s) (if obtained), as well as the diploma supplement(s) (if received).

- a copy of all transcripts obtained in all examinations taken at the university or HES.

- a copy of the programme description concerning the final semester or the last year of the Bachelor's degree if the Bachelor's degree has not yet been obtained

- candidates coming from another Swiss university or an HES/HEP must also provide a certificate of exmatriculation (at the latest the certificate must be provided before the start of the courses)

- a complete curriculum vitae up to date

- a copy of the passport or identity card

- for an inscription to part-time studies, the required documents.

How to transmit your documents
The method of transmitting the documents will be communicated to the candidate when registering online. Most of the documents mentioned above can be downloaded immediately but depending on the situation of the candidate some documents will have to be sent by post to the following address:

Université de Lausanne
Service des immatriculations et inscriptions
1015 Lausanne

If the diploma giving entitlement to registration is issued only during the summer preceding immediately the beginning of the academic year, the candidate provides the other documents within the specified deadline, indicating the date on which the copy of the diploma giving access to UNIL will be sent to the Admissions Office.
more details concerning the registration procedure
In order to confirm their registration the following documents must be provided by candidates :

For Swiss diplomas : if the university diploma has not yet been obtained, the final transcript or a certificate confirming that the student has fulfilled all the prerequisites to obtain the degree has to be provided

Online application to a Master programme with a Bachelor issued by a Swiss university or a Swiss university of applied sciences (HES)



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