Career prospects MScM

What are the prospects after a Master's degree in Management?

The Master of Science (MSc) in Management provides advanced training in business administration by providing students with the most recent tools based on research in the fields of management, economics, applied psychology, sociology, business analytics and marketing.

The orientation in Business Analytics provides students with knowledge to extract the information from data to make efficient decisions and to improve their performance. Examples of career prospects in all types of companies are: business analyst, data analyst, consultant, project manager, entrepreneur, digital marketing analyst, etc.

The orientation in Strategy, Organization & Leadership offers qualifications for a wide range of positions (consultant, analyst, etc.) but also for developing one’s own entrepreneurial venture. Following types of positions can be mentioned: consultant, project manager, business analyst, human resources manager, etc.

With the orientation in Marketing, students gain proficiency in the latest concepts, cutting-edge trends and marketing methods. With this orientation, graduates can seek the following positions: brand manager, marketing analyst, digital marketing manager, consultant, customer and market knowledge manager, etc.

With the BEE orientation (Behaviour, Economics and Evolution), we aim at an integrative understanding of social interactions, using knowledge from management, economics and evolutionary biology. Students will obtain a profound understanding of human decision making which is needed to make key managerial decisions better and faster. Graduates of this orientation can work in areas such as: sustainable development, environmental conservation, natural resources management, biotech, agriscience and pharmaceuticals as a consultant, project manager, communications manager, human resources manager, entrepreneur, etc.

All orientations of the Master's in Management also offer excellent preparation for a doctorate and an academic career.

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