Study Plans (ECTS)

In parallel to the thesis research, doctoral students take part in a study program (courses, conferences, seminars...).

Study programs are created to train doctoral students by improving skills, knowledge, capabilities and competencies required to increase research performance and to help them for their future professional career growth.

To start a thesis research, the candidate has first to find a thesis director & register as a Doctoral Student -via the Admission Department- in one of the five tracks listed on your left.

You will find below an overview of the different tracks & associated study programs.




PhD in Life Sciences

Life Sciences (general path, free study plan)* UNIL-FBM
Cancer and Immunology UNIL-FBM
Cardiovascular and Metabolism UNIL-FBM
Quantitative Biology UNIL-FBM, SIB
Microbial Sciences CUSO
Ecology and Evolution CUSO
PhD in Neuroscience Lemanic Neuroscience UNIIL-UNIGE
MD-PhD Life Sciences* UNIL-FBM
MD MD program* UNIL-FBM
PhD in Nursing Sciences Nursing Sciences IUFRS


Programs marked with * are more general: they recognize all the courses of the programs listed on the table and also the ones offered by the following programs:

SIB PhD Training Network - SIB
SSPH+ PhD Program Public Health - SSPH+
StarOmics - CUSO
Molecular Plant Sciences, - CUSO
Transferable SkillsCUSO

Some of them may require a registration fee or may have a number of places limited to a maximal number of participants. For any query, contact directly the organizers.

Important information: Registration, conditions and requirements may vary in function of the track choosen. For more information, click on the track of your interest (column on your left).


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